Rush Wars: The ultimate guide to the strategy

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Rush wars is a combat tactics game that has been launched for the android and the iOS and versions of the device. It means that you will require building tactics from the very start and keep changing them according to the gameplay. The gameplay consists of some amazing elements such as unit cards, Gold coins, and many other things.

 But before that, keep in mind that it is not easy to collect the funds here in the start. Therefore, you may face issues while raising them. So, what’s the solution for it? Well, the only ways are to either making progress or by utilizing the Homescapes hack. The hack provides you with an unlimited amount of coins which you can use as a step to progress in the game. Now without taking grasp of much of your time here, let’s bear down to other elements of the game.


The game is packed in with a considerable number of exciting features that makes the game what it is today. So, here we have taken the initiative to introduce you to our elements. Have a look below at what things are essential in the game.

HQ And chopper
These are the two most fundamental building of the game and are expensive as well giving you a straight hint to collect a bunch of coins before. However, if you are facing in doing so, then try the Rush Wars cheats to get a pile of coins to spend. 

·         HQ

Now coming back to the topic, the HQ will help you to unlock more unit cards in the game. Not only is this but also in getting more coins.

·         Chopper

Getting onto the chopper, then it is essential as well to bring more characters and soldier units to your army. Without these, your strategies are of no use. Thereby you should upgrade them as soon as possible.

That’s all for the most important things that you should remember in the game. You can download the game, and it is free to play. Keep in mind these tips to get good with the tactics of Rush Wars. 

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